March 30, 2019 | Vancouver, British Columbia

COVID-19 & Self Isolation

After two weeks of self isolating during these strange and uncertain times, I've officially entered what feels like the first circle of hell. So, I made a few self-portraits inspired by the theme of isolation to try and spark some creativity in my work while unable to photograph others.

It's great to experiment, whatever your medium. It helps you understand who you are, where your passion comes from and where it can drive you. It forces you to wander outside your comfort zone and stumble upon a highway of new thought process you never knew existed. Fear of failure often stops people from trying something new, but without failure we cannot learn and grow as individuals. Most people have the ability to master anything they are curious about and dedicate time towards. So take this time of isolation to try something you've never tried before, it'll probably be fun, you might end up loving it, and I mean, have you really got anything better to do!?