Belle of the Ball

Be our guest

Be our guest

to a Disney themed bridal shower

fit for a princess! ♛

I've met my share of Disney fanatics, but Candace truly tops them all; it's one of the reasons I enjoy her company so dearly. Her knowledge on the subject of anything Disney is beyond comprehensible, and her genuine excitement for it makes me feel like I should have indulged in the phenomena much more as a child than I did.

This July, she will marry her fiancé Dane, a hilarious and kind-hearted Brit. When asked how they were engaged, she told me he had whisked her away to Disneyland and proposed. She returned home after work one evening to find a suitcase packed and ready to go on her bed, and Dane rushing her out the door to the car. He refused to tell her where they were going, even after passing the border. They drove late into the night and reached California 2097 kilometers later. After a few days of exploring the enchanted grounds, he proposed to her on their last evening during the fireworks in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle. I grinned with excitement and said it sounded like the plot to a romantic film and told her Dane was definitely a keeper to go that far out of the way to make their proposal truly magical.

Fast forward to May 4, 2019: The Bridal Shower. Her friends and family spared no detail. High tea was exquisitely catered, complimented with shimmering princess gown cookies and a show-stopping pink ombré floral cake. Beverage choices were notably named Jasmine Tea and Alice's Bibbiti Bobbiti Booze: This one will make you small (Punch) and This one will make you tall (Punch with LOTS of Booze). Cinderella's glass slippers held tiny cocktail picks, and a perfect red rose sat encased in a glass dome, awaiting Belle's arrival.

Over the course of the evening guests made over the top fascinators, played Disney themed party games, indulged in food and wine, and of course, showered the bride-to-be with gifts.

The princess had arrived, and it was a magical evening indeed.